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How to Pay at PaperStubs

While shopping around for tickets online can be intimidating, at PaperStubs we make sure that is not the case!

We only use a secure PCI-compliant servers to accept your payment. This means your information is not stored when entered on our checkout page. We have no idea who you bank with or what credit card you are using, and it should stay that way! After all, no one wants to be a victim of stolen information!

Your payment is guaranteed. This means that your money will be returned if anything happens, including for a small fee, injuries and nonattendance. Please read more here for this policy.

What is ‘’

You may notice this site, listed at the top of your screen during your visit with PaperStubs. is the payment server used by PaperStubs. It is owned and operated by the SAME platform that supports MANY other major ticket sites.

Online Payments are just like your local grocery store or gas station! The software costs millions of dollars to create, implement, and deploy. Using tickettransaction, is no different then using software provided by, ticketmaster, or stubhub. A lot of the same sellers use tickettransaction, as they try to gain maximum visibility for their tickets. Most importantly, we take FULL responsibility with our customers payments. We aim to provide quick solutions for anyone with any difficulty.

What is ‘’

You may notice this site, appear on your receipt. is the account service provided by tickettransaction and used by PaperStubs. This site overlooks your orders and deliveries. They make sure you are updated when your tickets are available for download or are being delivered. It is operated on the same software as “tickettransaction”, making the entire process seamless, easy, secure and fast. There can be no confusion with orders, as “mytickettracker” and “tickettransaction” are the same entity.